Progress 2009 - Pre-Congress Symposium





  Critical Appraisal of diagnostic criteria for PCOS Dr.Lakshmi Seshadri  
  PCOS:overdianosed and overtreated? Dr.Gita Arjun  
  Imaging in PCOS: patterns and pitfalls Dr.Indrani Suresh  
  Adolescent PCOS: management options Dr.Tity Chacko  
  Ovulation Induction in PCOS Dr.Bina Vasan  
  Obesity, Diabetes & the Metabolic Syndrome:
A women's perspective
Dr.Usha Sriram  
  The pregnant PCOS woman Dr Evita Fernandez  
  Hirsutism: when is it PCOS Dr.Mala Dharmalingam  
  Recurrent pregnancy loss: PCOS and more Dr.Jaishree Gajaraj  
  Managing the menopause after the WHI Dr Duru Shah