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Conference Theme - PrOGress 2017

The practice of Medicine in India runs the whole range of small single person practices to massive multi-speciality corporate hospitals. Geographical, political and economic lines divide both physicians and patients into the ones who have to manage with minimal resources and those who are faced with expensive choices. The rural-urban divide also looms large on the medical horizon.

In this morass of medical confusion, the conscientious practitioner struggles to apply evidence to practice. Since a large portion of medical literature comes from the West, the average Indian practitioner feels uncomfortable using that data. PROGRESS 2017 will address the issue of whether medical evidence, from anywhere in the world, can be used with modifications based on local resources. Will the establishment of protocols and systems based on global evidence be applicable to practice in India? In other words, do geographic boundaries apply?

A large proportion of busy practitioners do not have the time to access journals, or the Internet. Younger practitioners are afraid to break with taught tradition and hesitate to try innovative and fresh practices. The worry also exists that quoting data from outside the country may not be valid in an Indian court, in the unfortunate event of a medico-legal case.

The PROGRESS series of conferences has always staunchly focused on helping physicians apply evidence to practice, particularly in small hospitals. The ground reality in small practices is that the practitioner solely bears the brunt when things go wrong.

We strongly feel that following protocols and processes based on robust scientific evidence helps the practitioner get good results and helps build a strong reputation in the medical as well as the patient community.

The Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine of America is launching an India counterpart at PROGRESS 2017. This will help us coordinate with them to encourage the training of fellows in the subspeciality of Maternal Fetal Medicine and help us establish India-centric guidelines strongly grounded in the Indian context.

The PROGRESS series of conferences has, since its inception in 1993, earned loyal fans from all over the country. It is not an accident that this is a conference that attracts between 800-1000 delegates from around India.

Come, join PROGRESS 2017 to charge your databases and rekindle your passion for
Obstetrics and Gynaecology!

Organising Secretary:
Dr Gita Arjun, FACOG


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