Progress 2009 - Day 3

  The surgical approach to endometriosis in infertility Dr Mirudhubashini Govindrajan
  Vaginal and uterine septae:a logical approach Dr.K.Jayakrishnan  
  IUDs -choices and inserting Dr.Latha Venkatesh  
  Forthergill's procedure:an art to remember Dr.V.P.Paily  
  Morcellation and bisection:managing the large uterus vaginally Dr.P.C.Mohapatra  
  Cystocele,rectocele and enterocele:options in surgical repair Dr.Jayanta Kumar Gupta  
  Public stem cell banking: the need of the hour Dr.Saranya Narayan  
  Surgical management of ovarian malignancy Dr.Ava Desai  
  Surgical management of endometrial cancer Dr. Amita Maheshwari  
  LAVH or TLH:is there an advantage? Dr.Rajesh Modi  
  Prevention of cervical carcinoma:a dream come true? Dr.Sowmya Balakrishnan