Progress 2009 - Day 1

  D&C Episiotomy: what is the perfect sture material? Dr.K.E.Annapoorni  
  Episiotomy and repair: a primer Dr.Winston Cruz  
  Tears & hematomas:when things go wrong during delivery Dr. Evita Fernandez  
  The complete perineal tear: restoring pelvic floor integrity Dr.Vanitha Jain  
  Episiotomy: a helpful intervention or a criminal act? Dr.V.P Paily  
  D&C - Painless delivery Dr.S.Rajasri  
  Vaginal Breech delivery: still safe in the face of evidence? Dr.Lakshmi Seshadri  
  Forceps delivery:revivial or obsolescence? Dr.Nozer Sheriar  
  Vaccum assisted birty: making the right choice Dr.Muralidhar Pai  
  D&C:Managing the puerperal breast abscess Dr.Soumya Balakrishnan  
  What women want? Dr.Nozer Sheriar  
  Macrosomia & shoulder systocia:
predictable, preventable / manageable?
  Delivering twins: perils and pitfalls Dr.Suchitra Pandit  
  Retained placenta: prevention and management Dr.Nirmala Jayasankar